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Customer Safety

We operate several businesses across the UK to the same standard throughout. When you visit one of our sites you can expect the following policies and procedures in place to ensure your night is as enjoyable as possible.

Throughout our venues we have state of the art CCTV that records every inch of public access areas. This includes outside and into the streets directly in front and at the rear of premises, covering all exit routes. The CCTV images are HD and are kept for 30 days, stored on digital hard drives, should police request them. There is no CCTV in toilets, only at entrances.


We work very close with local police and licensing officers, communicating and assisting with any incident that may occur. It is our duty as operators to uphold the 4 licensing objectives which include


  • Protecting children from harm

  • Prevention of crime and disorder

  • Public safety

  • The prevention of public nuisance


  1. We employee SIA qualified security at a minimum ratio of 1 security member for every 75 customers.There duties will include some of the following

    • Control entry to the premises by ensuring an orderly queuing system is maintained. The following paperwork is completed daily and available for inspection by local authorities

      • Venue admission figures logged every half hour

      • Every refusal logged with reasons

      • Hourly fire exit checks logged

      • Four random toilet checks every hour

      • Drug seizure logbook

      • Ejection logbook

      • Random search logbook

      • Incident logbook

    • Control entry to the premises to ensure that customer do not gain access for the following reasons

      • Intoxicated through alcohol or drugs

      • Underage people / showing fake ID

      • Poor attitude and behaviour

      • Previous issues (banned customers)

      • Known troublemaker at other premises

      • Refusal of random search

      • Dress code

      • Lone vulnerable people (will be offered a safe place instead)

    • Ensure that intoxication levels are not exceeded by customers internally. Customers will be offered assistance should this become the case and any vulnerable people handled according to policy

    • Security is placed throughout the venue in strategic positions to ensure they have a good view of the customers and staff. 1 in 3 door staff will wear a body cam which is to be turned on when interacting with customers.

    • Security operates a hands-off policy unless the customer becomes aggressive or requires assistance if they need help walking.

    • Unruly customers (effecting the comfort of other customers through poor behaviour) are given one warning. If their conduct does not change, they will be asked to leave via the front door.

    • Security randomly patrols the premises looking for intoxicated customers, vulnerable people and suspicious behaviour / activity. This includes 4 random checks in all toilets per hour. These checks are logged on internal security documents and kept for reference should they be required.

    • Security wear hi viz tabards so they are easily identifiable and approachable


Harassment, Sexual Harassment, or Potential Spiking

With our customer safety policies in place we keep incidents minimal. The police operate a traffic light system for licensed premises

Green = No issues

Amber = Reaching a concerning number of incidents that will require an action plan to be implemented by the venue management to reduce incidents

Red = Alarming number of incidents that could see further strict licensing conditions applied to the premises by way of court action or complete suspension of premises license forcing business to close

Since our businesses started trading, they have always remained in the Green, for which we are very proud of.

Throughout our venues we have signage asking customers to not touch anyone dancing on the bar, even if its your friend.

We also have prominent posters reminding customers that we will call the police if they feel its acceptable to give unwanted attention or touching of a sexual nature.

We operate the “Ask Angela” scheme, if anyone feels uncomfortable at our venues you can ask bar staff for Angela and they’ll take you to a safe place


What happens if an allegation of Harassment or Sexual Harassment is reported to us?

  1. We will immediately ask the victim to identify the person in question. This can be done discreetly in the venue or via CCTV

  2. Security will take the victim to a safe place straight away whilst other members of the team detain the accused

  3. We will ensure that the victim always has friends with them. If this is not possible, every effort will be made to assist in tracking friends or family.

  4. The accused will be held with security (with body cam on) in our first aid room, which is also covered by audio & picture recording CCTV. Anything that is said will be recorded and used by police as evidence should they require.

  5. We do not judge, if an allegation is made, we call police in the first instance

  6. The police are called via our night net linked radio system

  7. Whilst we have someone detained the CCTV is played back to find the incident ready to be viewed by police on their arrival.

  8. The accused is held until the police arrive at which point, they take over the incident.

  9. The police make the decision as to weather a crime has been committed and what action will be taken next, weather its an arrest or no further action.

  10. The CCTV is transferred to a police issued memory stick to be used as evidence should it be required.

  11. Depending on Police advice, the accused could be arrested, dealt with by way of restorative justice, released with lack of evidence or simply let go because no crime was ever committed. Only in the last scenario would an accused customer be allowed to stay in the premises.

  12. Lastly, we will do everything possible to make sure the comfort of the victim is of paramount and all their needs are met.

Potential Spiking

The recent heightened exposure to the threat of spiking is a good thing and helps enforce some of the basic things we can all do to keep ourselves safe on a night out

  1. Do not accept drinks from strangers

  2. Do not leave your drink unattended, if you must smoke or go to toilet either leave it with trusted friends or ask staff to keep behind bar for you. We do not advise you leave drinks unattended.

  3. Ask staff for a anti spiking drink cover (national shortage / demand means not always in stock)

  4. If you suspect your drink has been tampered with, do not drink it and hand in to bar staff who will investigate with CCTV evidence

  5. Make security / staff aware of suspicious people that maybe acting odd around you

  6. We conduct random searches on customers as they arrive and pull them from inside the venue if they are acting suspicious

  7. We constantly check toilets for suspicious behaviour or potentially intoxicated customers

  8. We have metal detecting devices to help in the search for needles

  9. Staff have undergone training to spot vulnerable people and what action to take

  10. Unattended drinks are regularly collected and disposed of


What happens if an allegation of drink spiking occurs?

  1. If we are approached by someone that suspects they have been spiked, we will immediately take them to the first aid room where a trained first aider will be present.

  2. The potentially spiked drink must be handled with gloves and kept for police evidence.

  3. We will ensure that the victim always has friends with them. If this is not possible, every effort will be made to assist in tracking friends or family.

  4. Appropriate medical care within the abilities of the first aider on shift will be provided in the first aid room under camera surveillance. This includes calling an ambulance for severe medical issues. We will ensure that the victim is comfortable and reassured that help is on the way.

  5. The police will be called via night net radio system and security will be present throughout with body cams recording.

  6. Venue management will trace back from the moment the victim made us aware on CCTV to see if any potential spiking incident can be spotted. If it can be then this gives us the opportunity to detain until police arrive.

  7. If suspect is already known, door staff will detain them until emergency services arrive

  8. Establish communication with the group the victim came in with to better understand the victim's experiences during their time at the venue, including, but not limited to, who they have interacted with, what drinks they have consumed in the venue, etc.

  9. A copy of CCTV footage that can help assist police will be provided

  10. After the event of the spiking, we will contact you for feedback into your care and to ensure you have made a full recovery.

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