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Coyote q&A's

If you've applied to become a Coyote bartender here's a few of the most common questions and answers.

Q. What is a Coyote Search?

A. Coyote Search is your opportunity to join our team.  If you've applied to become a Coyote Bartender, then we will invite you to attend a Coyote Search event.

Q. What happens at a Coyote Search?

A. We will usually ask you questions to see if the job is right for you, past experience, reasons why you would like to join us, about if the hours available are right for you etc.  We also look at if you can dance, either by a routine or freestyle.  If you have any talents then this is a great opportunity to let us know.  We're a fun venue so the whole Coyote Search is aimed to be fun and engaging too.

Q. Do I need to be a professional singer?

A. No, but what's more fun than giving it a go and having fun with a captive audience?

Q. Will I be expected to sing or dance at an audition?

A. Yes, the job of a Coyote is to sell drinks and entertain the customers, so expect to dance or sing at an audition.

Q. What am I required to wear?

A. Wear what you're comfortable with that you are happy with.  By all means take inspiration from the many Coyote Ugly Saloons on social media around the world or from

Q. Can I just sing or dance and not work behind the bar?

A. No, our bar is built around the ethos of dancing Coyote bartenders and the role is a bar job first and foremost.

Q. Will I need to learn routines?

A. Dance class is mandatory at Coyote Ugly Saloon for all Coyotes in order to learn the routines.

Q. Are auditions solely based on dance and singing ability?

A. No, although it's great to be able to sing and dance, being the life and soul of the party is the main quality and we're mainly looking for amazing personalities.

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