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A great night out at a Coyote Ugly Saloon can sometimes mean you've mislaid one of your items.


The most common items left at our venues include coats, passports, phones and drivers licences.  We also have people leave their bank cards, wallets and jewellery in the venue.


This can be very upsetting and worrying but rest assured we want to reunite you with these items.


We cannot answer the phone in the early hours or during busy periods, so we don't want you getting upset by repeatedly not getting through to us.  Likewise, our venues are not open usually in the mornings either.


What we do recommend though is completing our lost property enquiry form here or calling into the venue and our team will be happy to look for you.  If you complete the enquiry form, one of our duty managers at the venue will pick it up and respond to you as soon as they can.


Thank you! Your form has been submitted. The venue will get back to you soon.

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