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We aim to offer a first-class service in all of our venues here in the UK.  However, sometimes we may not live up to your expectations.  We appreciate feedback from customers and we review all feedback received.


In the first instance, we recommend giving feedback or a complaint to the duty manager or supervisor on your visit.  


If your complaint is not resolved, you may submit your complaint here.  


All we ask is that you allow us the courtesy to look into your complaint without publically posting details on social media/review sites.  If this is done by yourself and/or your party, we will be unable to fully look into your complaint and respond in the normal manner, although it will still be reviewed.


If the supervisor or manager has made promises to you, we will endeavor to confirm this prior to our reply, but again, if you take to social media and/or review sites before we have had the opportunity to put things right, this will void any promises and it becomes a one-sided argument which we wish to avoid.


Again, we value feedback and aim to offer a first-class service.  We understand sometimes things don't always go right and this page helps us understand these incidents and help shape things for the better for the future.


When completing the form below, please confirm details of the venue you visited, if any pre-booking was made, any times and specific locations.  If you have a staff member's names or any other details that are relevant, please include them.

Thanks! Message sent.

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