Covid 19 Staff & Customer Risk Assessment October 2021

Vaccine Passports

From 11/10/21 customers in Wales only will need to show evidence of either

• NHS Covid Pass Barcode demonstrating they’ve been double vaccinated

• Evidence of a negative lateral flow test, result needs to be uploaded to

 this will update the NHS Covid Pass

• If you are from outside the UK, you can show your relevant countries Covid pass or use the lateral flow test scheme. 

The guidance has defined us as a nightclub so therefore we will have to operate this scheme. Whenever our venues are operating for dancing, everyone inside must have shown a pass. This would be 9pm onwards Sunday to Thursday and 6pm Friday and Saturday, subject to review. It will be the responsibility of the door staff to visually check passes on entry. For customers Sunday to Thursday that may have entered before door staff start, that plan to stay beyond 9pm, they will need to show a pass. If they cannot or refuse, they will be required by law to leave at 9pm. However, it will not be bar staff responsibility to ask them to leave and door staff can do this when they arrive.

Sites in England do not have to take part in this scheme

All Staff returning to work

All returning staff must complete a return to work health questionnaire and confirm that they are free from symptoms. Symptomatic staff are not allowed to return to work. Pregnant staff must be risk assessed and current government guidance is followed


Hand Washing

Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place. Stringent hand washing taking place. 20 sec rule hand washing frequency & particularly:

  • When arriving at work, after breaks/eating/drinking/touching face etc.

  • Washing of hands between activities, e.g. before and after deliveries, breaks etc

Employees trained in correct hand washing technique Dry hands with disposable paper towels.

Use of available sanitisers after thorough hand washing, only company approved anti bac soap is to be used.



Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, reception area using appropriate cleaning products and methods.

Records to be kept of hourly cleaning checks that include door handles / push plates, hand rails, toilet locks, flush, taps and roll dispensers. Plus tills, card machines, drink dispense handles

When cleaning customer tables and contact points, a one-minute chemical contact time is required to kill traces of corona virus. For ease of identifying, the colour of the K4 chemical is purple. You must use 2 shots of concentrated chemical instead of the recommended one shot.


Staff Interaction with Customers

Staff are not allowed to touch customers. Interaction time must be no more than one minute. Posing for photos with customers is no longer allowed. There is no sitting at tables with customers. Staff must stay with in the service channels.




Staff Consumables

Staff must not share pens or waitress pads. Once issued they are to remain the property of that staff. Any disposable mask or finished pads must be disposed of in the Covid bins.



Discarded masks and gloves must be thrown in designated Covid Bins. There are 7 bins, one for each day of the week. Bins can only be emptied after 72 hours has passed. So Mondays bin can be emptied on Thursday for example. When clearing disposed masks you must be wearing your own along with gloves. A litter picker is also fine to use when collecting off floor but PPE should still be worn.

All other waste can be disposed of in the normal way.



Staircases & Stairwells

Where possible and practical a one way up and one way down policy is to be applied to stairs, which is marked accordingly on the floor with signage. Give way signs are in place. Customers must give way to people coming down the stairs.




Food & Drink Menu’s

QR Codes are available for food & drink menus. The food menu will be laminated and sanitised at each use




Wearing of Gloves

Where Risk Assessment identifies wearing of gloves as a requirement of the job, an adequate supply of these will be provided. Staff will be instructed on how to remove gloves carefully to reduce contamination and how to dispose of them safely. Regular hand washing is recommended over the use of gloves.


Symptoms of Covid-19

If anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature in the workplace they will be sent home and advised to follow the stay at home guidance. Line managers will maintain regular contact with staff members during this time.





An industrial fan has been purchased to increase internal airflow along with hi spec air conditioninig throughout the building


Mental Health

Management will promote mental health & wellbeing awareness to staff during the Coronavirus outbreak and will offer whatever support they can to help. A 24-hour helpline is available for employees only and they can call to discuss any matters they wish.

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