Covid 19 Staff & Customer Risk Assessment 9th November 2020

All Staff returning to work

All returning staff must complete a return to work health questionnaire and confirm that they are free from symptoms. All staff will be subject to temperature checking before starting work. Symptomatic staff are not allowed to return to work. Pregnant staff must be risk assessed and current government guidance is followed


Hand Washing

Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place. Stringent hand washing taking place. 20 sec rule hand washing frequency & particularly:

  • When arriving at work, after breaks/eating/drinking/touching face etc.

  • Washing of hands between activities, e.g. before and after deliveries, breaks etc

Employees trained in correct hand washing technique Dry hands with disposable paper towels.

Use of available sanitisers after thorough hand washing, only company approved anti bac soap is to be used.



Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, reception area using appropriate cleaning products and methods.

Records to be kept of hourly cleaning checks that include door handles / push plates, hand rails, toilet locks, flush, taps and roll dispensers. Plus tills, card machines, drink dispense handles

When cleaning customer tables and contact points, a one-minute chemical contact time is required to kill traces of corona virus. For ease of identifying, the colour of the K4 chemical is purple. You must use 2 shots of concentrated chemical instead of the recommended one shot.


Staff Interaction with Customers

Staff are not allowed to touch customers. PPE must always be worn in the form of a mask. Interaction time must be no more than one minute. Posing for photos with customers is no longer allowed full stop. There is no sitting at tables with customers. Staff must stay with in the service channels.



There will be no singing, dancing or performance at anytime from customers or staff. Entertainment in the form of Bingo or quizzes will be permitted with volume kept below 85db.

Working the bar

Staff must do there best not to have prolonged interaction with each other and keep a safe distance apart. Where this is not possible PPE must be worn to help reduce the risk. In any circumstance sections should be created behind bar and staff should stay within their designated area. Screens are erected should customers approach bar (not allowed). If they do, stand behind screens and ask customer to return to seat politely.


Staff Consumables

Staff must not share pens or waitress pads. Once issued they are to remain the property of that staff. Any disposable mask or finished pads must be disposed of in the Covid bins.



Discarded masks and gloves must be thrown in designated Covid Bins. There are 7 bins, one for each day of the week. Bins can only be emptied after 72 hours has passed. So Mondays bin can be emptied on Thursday for example. When clearing disposed masks you must be wearing your own along with gloves. A litter picker is also fine to use when collecting off floor but PPE should still be worn.

All other waste can be disposed of in the normal way.


Live Sports

We will show live sport but shouting and/or chanting is not permitted for the same risk reasons as live music isn’t. Equally, it must be played at a volume which enables normal conversation to take place. This consideration should form a part of our site-specific RA



Outer door is to remain open during trading. Sanitiser points positioned close to entrance and within the inner WC facility. Toilets to display hand washing poster from Heineken Marketing. Numbers of wash basins , urinals etc to be limited to the current social distancing rules.

Signage within toilets to demonstrate correct wash basins , cubicles and urinals/ troughs etc to be used & to be placed in prominent areas ( mirrors, doors etc). Hourly checks to be implemented, maintained and recorded.

Only company approved anti bac soap. No perfumed soaps. No hand lotions or other moisturisers available. Hazard tape to be used on sinks to ensure they are socially distanced.



Staircases & Stairwells.

Where possible and practical a one way up and one way down policy is to be applied to stairs, which is marked accordingly on the floor with signage. Give way signs are in place. Customers must give way to people coming down the stairs.


Social Distancing

Social Distancing -Reduce the number of persons in any work area to comply with the current government guidelines recommended by the Public Health Agency

Areas where the Government guidance for social distancing cannot be maintained MUST be manned single person (small kitchens) or if not possible, the area is NOT TO BE USED

To aid compliance, floor markers, barriers, signage are to be used indicating the current government social distancing measures. 

Taking steps to review work schedules including start & finish times/shift patterns, working from home etc. to reduce number of workers on site at any one time. Also relocating workers to other tasks.

Redesigning operational processes to ensure social distancing in place. Site meetings to be held in an outside area, with social distancing in place. Conference calls to be used instead of face to face meetings.

Social distancing also to be adhered to in rest areas and both customer and employee smoking areas.


Food & Drink Menu’s

QR Codes are available for food & drink menus. The food menu will be laminated and sanitised at each use


Queue Management

The smoking area has been brought in to allow more public access. The queue will be managed with metal railings with markings every 2 meters. The queue will be cut off at the end of the metal barrier queues if more customers attempt to join. They will be turned away and told to try later when there is no queue. Door staff will verbally remind customers to keep 2 meters apart. No more than 6 people will be able to enter in one booking as part of same household. The customer must be able to prove that they are all from same household.

No more than 4 from different households are allowed entry.

Before entry they will complete track & trace, sanitise and have temperature taken. If they refuse or fail temp test, they will not be allowed entry.

Every member of public, contractor or authority visitor must complete track & trace



The capacity for the venue is based on seating availability and the following applies. In all cases it’s a maximum of 6 people from max 1 different household per table or 4 people from 4 households.


36 people seated outside

30 people seated within the internal front door area

132 seated in main room ground floor

30 seated in stage area

90 seated upstairs on balcony

Total Venue Capacity 318



Same household check

Designated host and door staff will question every group of people if they are from the same household or if they are from different households. If they are from more than four different households, they won’t be allowed to enter.  

The maximum amount of people allowed in one group is six from one household. If there are more than six in the group, they won’t be allowed to enter. As of Monday 9th November it is now illegal to be in public in groups larger than four from different households.


Table dwelling time

It is advised that a table booking duration of 2 hours is followed. It will be individually assessed at the time as to whether the booking time can be extended. We have new software that can control table times and will be monitored by hosts.



PPE is now compulsory for all staff but normal practical controls such as hand washing MUST be maintained still. Employees may require refresher training and / or correction of the correct hand wash procedure. Available PPE includes face masks, face screens, gloves, hi vis vests, steel toe cap boots, back braces, goggles and hard hats can all be found on site. Ask management for availability  


Sound level control

Only Manager on duty will be allowed in the DJ booth. The volume of the music must be background and customers should not have to raise their voice to be heard. Currently with people talking the average decibel reading is 85db at peak times, and the music should have no impact on this reading.


Crowed Control

Security will always monitor tables and ensure that guests follow social distancing rules for the venue. Security will ensure that if table becomes loud/rowdy they will get warned and reminded of social distancing rules. If the table continue to be loud, they will be politely asked to leave the premises. All tables get one warning before being asked to leave.

There will be no swapping or mixing tables. Customers must stay in their original bubble of six at all times. Intoxicated customers will be cut off by the waiting team and door staff / management informed. We will pay extra attention to this to avoid bodily fluids being spilt or potential unnecessary first aid given.

There will be no dancing, singing, shouting, chanting permitted at any time.

Groups from different households must maintain sensible separation whilst at there table. It will be advised not to touch/kiss people from different households.


Service channels for waiting and cleaning

The staff are briefed about the service channels and instructed where not to go. The safe channel for ground floor is between rows 1 to 6 and 10 to 13 and between rows 14 to 18 and 19 to 23

All other tables are easily navigated.


Wearing of Gloves

Where Risk Assessment identifies wearing of gloves as a requirement of the job, an adequate supply of these will be provided. Staff will be instructed on how to remove gloves carefully to reduce contamination and how to dispose of them safely. Regular hand washing is recommended over the use of gloves.


Symptoms of Covid-19

If anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature in the workplace they will be sent home and advised to follow the stay at home guidance.

Line managers will maintain regular contact with staff members during this time.


Track & Trace

Customers must show identification to verify that track & trace details are correct.


Opening Times

The venue will close at 10pm with last customer leaving by 10.20pm



An industrial fan has been purchased to increase internal airflow


Mental Health

Management will promote mental health & wellbeing awareness to staff during the Coronavirus outbreak and will offer whatever support they can to help. A 24-hour helpline is available for employees only and they can call to discuss any matters they wish.

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